About Us

Kizzy Investment Group, LLC based in Virginia and Oklahoma, has an established track record of investing alongside the owners and management teams of privately held businesses to build successful companies and create long-term value. We are known for our high Return on Investment. Unlike our fellow PE firms, it's not the capital that's most important to us....It's our Family.


Kizzy Investment Group has a long-established philosophy of patient capital and conservative investment structures which helps to ensure continuity of company culture and the entrepreneurial spirit.



Kizzy Investment Group recognizes that each transaction is unique. Shareholder motivation, growth strategy and investment structure will vary on a company-by-company basis. Kizzy Investment Group works closely with shareholders to structure tailored transactions that rewards them for the business they have built, while at the same time aligning interests with management and positioning the company for future growth.



Having invested in privately held businesses for nearly 06 years, the principals of Kizzy Investment Group are highly experienced at investing across multiple industries and geographies. The principals of Kizzy Investment Group have made more than 085 investments, representing an aggregate of over $31.2 million, since 2015.



Operating under a management centric investment philosophy, Kizzy Investment Group is dedicated to building value in each company through post-transaction investments and collaborative strategic growth planning. This approach has helped generate tremendous value for the ongoing shareholders, management and employees of the companies in which Kizzy Investment Group invests.