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What's In A Name?

Kizzy Investment Group (KIG) was founded in 2015, in Hampton, Virginia, now based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,  by Co-founders F Devin Scott and Krystal (Krissy) Capers-Scott.

The Business was organized with two principles in mind:

(1) Buy businesses and compound the profits to buy more businesses.

(2) Share the profits generated from all businesses in the company's portfolio with it's members.

Today, KIG has a net worth with all the businesses in it's portfolio of $28.5 million dollars. KIG has retained ownership of all subsidiaries except one. Throughout the years, KIG has taken a leap forward in their Core principles. With the onset of varies social setbacks, KIG has created a new and unique program to help people of all walks of life, understand and utilize the investing secrets that has propelled it's profits for years.

As with Investing, some form of risk is involved. But to understand those risks and to keep pushing forward, determines an individuals worth. KIG wants it's clients to recognize those risks and understand that no one is immune. However, with KIG new "NO ONE LOSES" program, your investments are One Million Percent secure and safe from Loss.

How we make our money

Commercial Property Acquisition and Selling
Commercial Property Leasing
Land Acquisition and Development
Portfolio Investments
Tangible Asset Acquisition and Selling
Real Estate Rehab
Real Estate Rental
Commercial Property Rehab
Affiliate Marketing
Small Business Loans
Portfolio Income

Active income is the easiest to understand. It is money earned by doing a job or performing a service. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) calls it wages, salaries, and tips. We use our expert Knowledge in the Stock Markets to help our Clients make the right decisions suited to their income. Portfolio income includes dividends, interest, and capital gains. Portfolio income generally gets favorable tax treatment compared to active or passive income. Portfolio income is not subject to Social Security or Medicaid withholding. Click here to Start

Commercial Property Acquisitions

A commercial real estate transaction is a process that entails transferring the rights of a commercial property (office, retail, industrial, multifamily, hotel, self-storage, etc.) between two parties through a complex set of requirements. Commercial Real Estate represents a major investment asset class, and thus buying, owning, managing, and selling CRE are all functions that are leveraged to generate a return on investment. Click here to Start

Tangible Asset Acquisitions

A tangible asset is an asset that has a finite monetary value and usually a physical form. Tangible assets can typically always be transacted for some monetary value though the liquidity of different markets will vary. We acquire tangible assets through foreclosures, auctions, short sells and resell the asset for a profit then share the profits with our clients. Click here to Start .

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable." - Robert Arnott

At times, you will have to step out of your comfort zone to realize significant gains. Know the boundaries of your comfort zone and practice stepping out of it in small doses. As much as you need to know the market, you need to know yourself too. Can you handle staying in when everyone else is jumping ship? Or getting out during the biggest rally of the century? There's no room for pride in this kind of self-analysis. The best investment strategy can turn into the worst if you don't have the stomach to see it through..