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Portfolio Income

We believe that Investing in Stocks and ETFs shouldn't be that complicated. Understanding the Risks helps to relieve some of the fears. However, knowing that the loss of money will impact your current and future financial goals, ultimately will determine your decision. That's why we have derived a solution. The FDIC insures deposits in banks and savings associations in the event of bank failure. We will do the same, insure your investments in the event of loss.


Commercial Property Acquisition

The Acquisition of commercial property is one of our core financial investment vehicles. Commercial Properties are 80% of our gross annual income. We purchase commercial properties primed for restructure and redevelopment and turn them into a major source of passive income. Passive income that is used to reinvest in more commercial properties. We share the profits from these commercial properties with our clients. Investing in Commercial properties ensures our continued growth for years to come.


Tangible Asset Acquisition

In business, having a diversified source of income allows for continued growth. We have understood this fact for years. Investing in Tangible Asset consist of purchasing houses, equipment, land, businesses, foreclosures from auctions, tax liens, short sells, mergers, liquidity sells at the lowest prices possible. We resell those assets to investors. From the capital gains earned from the sale, we purchase more commercial properties.

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We make it easy to get started. Start small. Deposit $10.00 to $87.50 into your Account Per Week.  You have Complete control of how your Money is Invested from Day One.  Then as your investing confidence grow. Increase your deposit anytime. Sit back and watch your Investment Grow. Your Money is always secure and can be withdrawn in full at your request. We know how it is. Your money matters. That's why we never keep your money from you.  We are here to help you grow Your Money.... Not To Take Your Money!  We Never Charge A Commission Fee!  No Membership Fees!  We make Our Profits from our Operations.  NEVER!! Any Charges To You!


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